License to Spin Slots

The title itself is a take on License to Kill (Spin) - the famous Bond line. And oh boy! does this game impress!

License to Spin by Arrows Edge, is a brand new, three spin slot game with a twist (of Vodka and Martini)! Themed on the famous English secret agent and his glamorous adventures, this game is a great example of the evolution of gaming. It is packed with features gamers have come to expect from the industry: great atmosphere, pulse-racing excitement, beautiful women, fast cars and of course, multiple chances of winning. Since this is a progressive game, it means that every single slot play of yours will place a minor amount of your bet into a progressive jackpot amount. The possibilities of winning are endless and this is precisely what seasoned gamers will find attractive, with new ones finding it enthralling. In addition to your wagers, the bets of thousands of other players are placed into this very same, large cash pot. This adds money from every single casino that has the same progressive slot machine in its playlist, and being a popular, new game, this means a considerable amount of money! This huge coverage means that these slot jackpots can become overblown and full very quickly. Payouts can even reach to in excess of one million dollars in slots payouts.

Forget the James Bond theme for a moment. Forget the glitz. Let's talk Gaming. A three wheel, three spin Slot Game in full Vegas style. Bond himself is no stranger to Casinos! Many times did he enter a Casino and he always wins. No exception. That's why the marriage of this game with the Bond theme is so impressive and seems to be made in heaven. Bets start from as low as $0.10 up to $80.00, giving a broad range of wager options and even broader winning chances!

License to Spin slot features Scatter Symbols, which gives the gamer an extra slot bonus. This function pays out even if the scatters do not fall directly into the line of pay.

This game certainly has one of the very best slot machine bonus rounds to be found in the industry, and the free spin bonus feature is really exceptional, the icing on the cake as this great bonus enables gamers to benefit from multiple free slot spins. The payouts can be massive and the beauty of it all is that you don't have to bet your own balance.

Asides from all this, License to Spin also features a random Jackpot. This means that when you are least expecting it, and out of the blue, you have the chance of winning money just by pulling the lever, with payouts ranging from one dollar to six thousand dollars! Furthermore, this is not dependent on the amount you are wagering but rather, it is totally random.

Last but not least are the Wild Symbols replacing any character or value in the pay lines and leading to multiple possibilities to win.

All in all a great addition for gamers to try out something fresh, new and exciting.