Time Bender Slots

Time Bender Slots is a 5 reel, 40 payline trek to the stars and beyond. In your very own relativistic star-ship traipsing through the endless darkness of interstellar space, you’ll encounter many brilliant astrophysical bodies - all while racking up riches. Time Bender Slots is a marvel to look at, with an artist’s palette of colors gracing the screen. You’ll see pinwheel galaxies and individual nebulas burning in the background.

But let’s not focus so much on the amazing graphical display that we forget about the game, itself. After all, you’re here to win loads of cash and prizes, right?!? Time Bender is happy to oblige and offers small games-within-the-game, as well as Wild symbols and Free Spins to improve your chances and deliver the goods. Arrow’s Edge has really outdone itself with this futuristic Video Slot.

As for what else the slot has to offer, keep an eye on the Einstein-Rosen Bridge - also known as a frozen star by the Russians, and a black hole by the Americans - that forms the bulk of the Time Bender Slots emblem. In this game, you are the space-faring GMan, a character from an advanced version of the planet Earth who seems committed to traveling the cosmos.

The designers at Arrow’s Edge incorporated natural elements of the interstellar environment very well into this slot; for example, there are wormholes in the game that open up to shower you with prizes if the right symbols align. The lucky reels are 2,3, and 4; land on these and get paid handsomely. The game also has the ability to endow Retriggers on you, as well as Respins for ever more chances at the jackpot. Multipliers sweeten the pot further; you’ll want plenty of these if you feel that the 800x jackpot is within reach. Download the casino software and play Time Bender Slots today - Arrow’s Edge put a lot of effort into it, and this shows with the gameplay.