Double Sixteen Slots

That is a strange title for a slot game, as it seems to give clues, but we have no idea how the number 16 relates to the game itself. Could it mean paylines? We shall find out, but we can begin by saying this slot is a great example of a different type of game from Betsoft. Does that pique your curiosity?

Reels and win lines

Firstly, you get two reel sets here. The lower part of the screen reveals the first one, while another is positioned not far above it. Each one has four reels, and you will spot four symbols spinning into play on each of them. Now, you can probably guess how the Double Sixteen title came about! With the unusual layout, it is possible to bet on a maximum of 32 lines.

Coins you can use to bet on the lines

You can wager from five to 40 credits on each spin of the reels. The coin quantity chosen determines the lines you will bet on. The minimum is four paylines and the maximum number is 32.

Double Sixteen special symbols

Most games featuring lots of reels and paylines add a wild into the mix, but that is not the case here. There are no scatter icons either, even though they could work well in this slot. Your task is merely to find matching icons and to find enough of them to trigger a prize or two.

Bonus features to find in Double Sixteen

There are no bonuses in this game, which may have become apparent while reading the special symbols section above. This is a basic slot with more reels and paylines than the average one.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Double Sixteen slots now

Betsoft has tried to create a slot that doesn’t rely on special symbols or elements. However, they have managed to make it more interesting by revealing two sets of reels and lots of paylines. You must decide whether that is enough to tempt you into playing, or whether you want to look elsewhere in their impressive collection of slots for something else to play.

When you realize there is a lot to contend with here, you realize there is some fun to be had. Try the Double Sixteen slot today for a truly different experience – one you may find enjoyable.