Ogre Empire Slots

You never can tell whether an ogre is going to be a friendly chap or one that is apt to step on you. Fortunately, you’re safe in a slot game, no matter whether they are happy or not. The one featuring in Ogre Empire has a habit of nodding off, and as you will see, this could bring you some intriguing prize-winning chances…

Reels and win lines

The format of this game is no doubt one you have seen before. You’ve got five reels and 25 lines to contend with.

Coins you can use to bet on the lines

This game can be approached as a penny slot if you like, or you can choose another coin to the maximum of a dollar per line.

Ogre Empire special symbols

The game begins in Day Mode. There is a Sun Bloom wild flower here that makes adjacent symbols wild too whenever it appears. There is also a random Ogre Smash feature you might see, which gets rid of existing symbols and brings in new ones to see if they can win you prizes.

If you see the moon rise on the reels, the game switches to Night Mode and the ogre goes to sleep. In this scenario, watch out for the wild flower called the Night Bloom. It has a similar power to the Daytime flower. If you get any A symbols on reels two, three, or four, you might see a joker appearing behind them too. This can bring a 2x multiplier into play as a wild.

Day Mode is triggered once more when you get a complete sunrise appearing on the third reel. The change occurs automatically. Oh, and although you get the Day and Night wilds in this game, you will spot a standard wild in action as well.

Bonus features to find in Ogre Empire

All the special features are mentioned above, so the game doesn’t include respins or free spins, or anything occurring on a second screen.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Ogre Empire slots now

Ogre Empire is a new addition to the Betsoft slot collection. You can expect the graphics here to be just as good as they are in all other modern games from this developer. But will the ogre bring you good luck or bad? Try this game today to see whether Day or Night mode will prove luckier for you.