Boom Bucks Slots

That is the hope, and with Betsoft at the helm we have every reason to expect this will be a stunning and appealing game to play. If you like playing traditional slots in casinos or similar establishments, you will appreciate the hard work that has gone into this game. It has been designed to look much like one of those machines, so let’s see if the sound of coins being won will happen for you too.

Reels and win lines

A traditional slot has three reels, as does this one. There are five paylines though, instead of the one you might have expected.

Coins you can use to bet on the lines

There are minimal options here. You’ll see the paytable offers you either blue or red prizes. You must choose which ones you want to win, and play four or eight credits on each spin accordingly.

Boom Bucks special symbols

There is little to note in this section, other than the Boom Bucks icon that might spin into place on the reels. Check the paytable to reveal what you need to find on the paylines to win some prizes.

Bonus features to find in Boom Bucks

This game has a Boom Bucks meter, and this is the main attraction here. If the green go sign appears, you get the chance to transfer some bucks into the so-called Bucks Meter. However, if the stop sign is hit, you will see the Meter reset to zero. Your task is to try and win the amount shown in the Meter before it resets to zero.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Boom Bucks slots now

This slot game is based on a traditional slot, albeit one with five paylines instead of one. However, each spin sees the number reel spin too, and that determines what goes into the Boom Bucks Meter. This means you not only get a chance to win prizes according to the paytable and the bet you placed, it also means you could win the Bucks in the Meter. If you do this, you may find the Meter is more generous than the paytable. You never know what is going to happen on each spin, and that is why the Boom Bucks slot has proven to be a popular one among fans. Will you agree with that as well?