World Leaders Slots

It is rare to find a slot game based on politics. In fact, we would have said a topic like this would be a bad choice for a slot game. That was before we saw the World Leaders slot from Arrows Edge and realized just how many treats it had in store for us.

If you want to meet some familiar-looking leaders to see how they can assist you while you play the game, read on.

Format of reels and paylines

There are five reels to spin in this game. The paylines are fixed, and there are 18 of them.

Coins to choose from

Two cents per line is as low as you can go with this game. This means the minimum bet per spin is 36 cents. The top bet – there are others in between as well – is $252.

Special icons in World Leaders slots

Choose a country by stopping the spinning globe. Will it be Russia, the US, or maybe the UK? Whichever one the globe stops on will be the wild for the start of the game. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the others – the game will switch between them all periodically.

The US wild appears on reels three and expands vertically and horizontally. The Russian wild can bring you respins whenever it appears, and the UK wild duplicates onto another position on the reels.

You might also see a red telephone on the reels. If so, you’ve seen the scatter.

Is there a bonus feature to unlock?

Three scattered red phones will trigger the bonus in World Leaders. The task in front of you is to find the leader who will be your ally. Pick up a phone and see which leader it connects to. Make another call and see who you get this time. Carry on in the same way until you reach the same leader three times. When this occurs, your prizes up to that point are added together and you receive your total win before returning to the base game.

Be ready to download and enjoy playing the World Leaders slot today

Even though this game is based around politics, it keeps things nice and light. We love the bonus game and it can last a while if you keep phoning different people! Meet some World Leaders today and find out how generous they really are.